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The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There by Angela Kinsey, Jenna Fischer

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As a quintessential millennial, I am a huge fan of The Office. I stumbled across this audiobook available on Libby and immediately put it on hold and not so patiently waited for it to become available. 
"The Office BFFs" is a witty, nostalgic, and absolutely hysterical behind the scenes look at the television show The Office, and more importantly two of the stars, Angela's and Jenna's, friendship. If you have heard their podcast, there is some overlap in the stories, but there is also some fun new anecdotes for you to enjoy in this book. 
One of my favorite features, if you will, of this book is that the audiobook is narrated by Angela and Jenna. These two had me literally laughing out loud as I listened, and when I was not laughing, I still had the biggest smile on my face. There are also a few surprise appearances from other Office actors during the audiobook. If you have the opportunity to listen to this as an audiobook, I highly recommend picking this up! 
I did not know a lot about the behind-the-scenes elements of The Office. For example, originally, the show only signed four of the actors to be full-time, on salary actors. The rest of the cast were reoccurring background characters. They also chose to shoot the show in a unique way, to make it feel more like a real documentary about real people working in an office. The cast went to stores like Staples to pick out real items to make their desks their own. 
On the show, Jenna's and Angela's characters, Pam and Angela, have a tense friendship. I would argue in the beginning it is not even a friendship. So, to hear how much these gals love each other and were rooting for one another behind the scenes made me appreciate their acting so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how they became best friends on set and then they remained friends and fostered their relationship after the show ended. I think it is truly beautiful that these two people met on a job and ended up becoming friend soul mates. There are a lot of discussions about becoming mothers and starting families while still trying to work a very demanding job. I particularly enjoyed these sections and I thought they had a lot of great advice about trying to balance "it all". 
I highly, highly recommend this book, and I hope to hear more from this dynamic duo in the future.

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