A review by stacieh
City of the Plague God, by Sarwat Chadda


Manhattan is is being attacked by the plague god, Nergal. Thirteen year old, Sik, is grieving the death of his brother and helping his parents run the family deli. Nergal thinks Sik holds the key to eternal life and Sik is immortal but doesn’t it know it yet.

When I explained the plot to my 10 year old, she tells me that Manhattan gets destroyed a lot in the Rick Riordan presents books. That made me laugh. I really enjoyed this book. It explored the theme of being the hero when others say you can’t. Identity and family relationships play a big role in this tale. I loved the mythology mixed with realism.

Sik learns to appreciate his family and life that’s left even without his brother. He makes new friends along the way. I really enjoyed this adventure . Sik was a fabulous character. I loved seeing him grow as the story progressed. I’ll definitely be sharing this with my mythology loving children.