A review by xakyr
Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman


I have a love hate relationship with getting sick. I love it because I wind up just lying on the couch reading all day, but I hate the fact that getting sick forces me into resting and not doing the things around the house that need doing. I've got one doozy of a cold right now, so I was able to lay down and read this book in a day, that's how good it was!

This is a story about a woman searching for faith, and finding it in the last place she expected. I enjoyed her struggle to find faith in God, and her struggles with her new lifestyle. I loved how flawed she was, with her very colorful and checkered past. Her Amish "hero" was the strong silent type, but when the chips were down, he was there when she needed him, though he often doubted her motives and their relationship. The book was well written, and left me looking to pick up the rest of the books in the series.