A review by therosepetals__
Fragile and Flourishing by Sana' K.C.N. Watts


“I wasn't always this fragile. I wasn't always so easily broken. I wasn't always so needy. I wasn't always so dependent. I wasn't always so authentic, I wasn't always so real, I wasn't always so free. And I'll take freedom with fragility over slavery that looks like strength.”

I was already recommending this book after the first few pages. Watts has penned a beautifully-written, genre-bending book on the intersection of faith and mental health.

As a young adult Christian in ministry, I relate to aspects of her story. Depression and suicidal thoughts led me to find hope in Christ, but I also questioned why these thoughts continued after my conversion experience. Watts is brutally honest and courageously vulnerable in sharing her story of suicide ideation, anxiety and depression, faith, motherhood, ministry and so much more. I appreciate how she debunks myths in the Church surrounding mental health and raises awareness for faith communities. She always ties her reflections, experiences, and knowledge with Scripture. The book itself is very engaging with journal entries, symbols, charts, and poetry. My favourite poems were “Fragile” and “My Journey to Lament.” I honestly wanted to know more! Especially regarding her Caribbean heritage and her experiences as a Black Christian, as she only briefly touches on each. Nonetheless, I feel so honored that she would share her story with me, with the world. This book is a gift, an offering, an encouragement for our personal and collective healing.