A review by wilwa
The Empty Chair by Diane Duane


Ahh, well, spaceships and military strategy's always kinda nice, I think.

I picked this book up not acknowledging that it's not the first of the series. I've also never seen Star Trek; though the series is one of many of my series to watch (eventually). While it's hard to miss out on Spock and Kirk when you read and watch sci-fi I didn't know anything about them our their world besides their names.

All these factors didn't make the enjoyment of this book any less. While it was a bit difficult orientaiong in the beginning with unfamiliar names and places, the plot and story I was able to follow and enjoy and after a little while the characters were able to stand out and be separated.

The writing was okay, it wasn't overdramatic but plain in a good way. The story had a good pace to it, with a mixture of action and waring, strategy, talking tech and plans and politics and some downtime playing games and the normal life stuff happening.

There were some small plot twists and overall an enjoyable read.