A review by anbeasley91
The Emerald Sea by Richelle Mead


Loved this book loved Thai series so so much! I 100% recommend. This book along with the other 2 had such strong FMC’s and each has a MMC that stood with them supporting them in being the strong women they are. Tamsins story was nothing like I expected it to be and I love it. The first 2 books made her out to be this stuck up, uptight, gold digger and she is the furthest thing from that! I loved getting to see all the different sides of her and how she is such a strong leader and really sticks to her morals. I was definitely not expecting her reason for needing the richest husband she could find and knowing her reason and the times back then I can understand why she acted and did the things she was doing. I’m so so happy she got her guy I absolutely love them together! The ending of this book was just so cute and lighthearted it seemed to be the perfect way to finish off this series. But I so wish we could have more!