A review by amyiw
Ocean Light, by Nalini Singh


2.75 maybe
Disappointed. I think this might be my least favorite psy-changeling book. So many reasons.

The first 1/2, more than 1/2, is the instalove mating, which Bowen is human so didn't make sense. I would have like more interaction with each other and less thinking about how she smelled and the attraction and pull to one another. I was getting irritated, actually irritated with how slowly this moved when it could have been an interest based growth too. Nope. So the first 60% was a bit boring and I kept waiting for more but got the same telling of how they felt. hmm... I just didn't feel the chemistry.

Then finally some real story starts and we get to see one of the traitors. He is repentant but...
Spoiler wow, all the forgiveness and trust immediately given back.
It just wasn't the norm for this series. And then the next traitor, really? argh!
Spoiler Again, I get that she is sad that she lost her friend but he did something horrid and unforgivable and the human alliance member that leaked information, no punishment What So Ever! She is right back in the alliance as what? She is punished enough for her loss of a boyfriend, he was a traitor and spy and she gave him information! I don't care if she is repentant, she should lose any position and be monitored. Wow. And then the Black Sea changelings don't see that they have a really issue with really knowing their people. Two, read it two, people gave information even after understanding what was happening.
How can Black Sea still trust? It just doesn't ring true how it all is dealt with.

Then the very end with the last bad guys. OK this was pretty good and the deal Bo makes. Finally I'm feeling some chemistry between our characters and finally the plot is more even than a bad romance. We get a little of our previous characters too. But this is too little too late. Also her cure was a little too convenient. I had this at a 2 stars OK and I still don't think it made it quite to 3 Good but more three for the ending. I will skip it on a reread of the series.

I would wonder if I wasn't in the mood or if I've falling out of love with this series but I just reread [b:Shield of Winter|17159944|Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling, #13)|Nalini Singh|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1384968780s/17159944.jpg|23584227] and [b:Shards of Hope|17159943|Shards of Hope (Psy-Changeling, #14)|Nalini Singh|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1414670964s/17159943.jpg|42797145] and really enjoyed them on reread... just last month! So I know it was this book. For some reason it was a bad romance for more than the first 1/2, all thought no action, feeling thought about, smells, pulls, attractions but very little more, moved like a snail.