A review by jce
The Hate Project, by Kris Ripper

funny hopeful reflective
  • Loveable characters? Yes


I really enjoyed this. I smiled a great deal while reading it. I found Oscar very relatable, often frustrating, and stubbornly endearing. This was not a typical romance novel, but I think I liked it all the more for that? The thing about Kris Ripper's books is that I just never fail to be completely interested and invested in the characters. They always feel so complex and real. I found Oscar and Jack's relationship really sweet and funny and tender. It just felt very unique to them and their personalities. There's not a lot of plot here, which is fine by me, I'm here for the emotional arc. And for being sort of a low key and gentle book, I still found myself unable to put it down. Again, I think this is because I was invested in the characters and I wasn't quite sure how things would unfold. I don't know, there's just something about how this author writes characters, I could read the dialogue and interactions all day. It's just always so damn compelling somehow. So, yeah, really enjoyed this and sped through it. Also, the content warning at the start made me weirdly emotional, so bonus points I guess for making me tear up before the story even started ;)