A review by clephairy
Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo

challenging dark medium-paced


i found the premise and motivation of the book really interesting and promising. sadly it fell short. i think that stories told were certainly insightful but i think they werent told with the intentional nuance of liberating desire. it was not at all seperated from men and patriarchal concepts of conforming to gendered ideals. however i think the story concerning aaron knodel was not at all told with the particular compassion nor understanding that it deserved, as a 17yr old when reading about a teacher student relationship with someone my age i am appalled by the inclusion of graphic depictions of the assault that took place. furthermore the internalised misogyny throughout the whole scene in court was not cool and fun or anything that should be celebrated. 

im glad people felt carthasis and do not want to take that away from anyone. heal in the ways you can. 

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