A review by invertible_hulk
The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008, by Laurie Weeks, Laura van den Berg, Gene Weingarten, Emily Raboteau, Rutu Modan, David Gessner, Dave Eggers, Malerie Willens, Paul Hornschemeier, Raffi Khatchadourian, Helon Habila, Patrick Tobin, J. Malcolm Garcia, Judy Blume, Stephen King, Andrew Sean Greer, George Saunders, Jake Swearingen, Marjorie Celona


Fuck it. I'm giving up on this one.
I made it halfway through, then put it down about a month ago. And can't really find it in me to pick it back up.


For some strange reason, my Dave Eggars/McSweeney's aversion doesn't apply to the B.A. Non-Required Reading series.
Even its low points and its (often) mis-guided attempts at being "clever" or "witty" or "look at me!" can usually be forgiven.