A review by novelbloglover
The Grownup, by Gillian Flynn


Book Review
Title: The Grownup
Author: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Rating: ***
Review: The Grownup is a short story by Gillian Flynn published in the form of a book. It is a hybrid between a thriller and a horror story with amusing plot twists.
Even before we know her name, our narrator bombards us with her routine work schedule that leave her exhausted and force her to look for a second job. The story starts with her complaining that she is too tired working six days a week, eight hours a day. So she quits her full time job. She starts working as a as a psychic reader making predictions of the future from her client’s attire, mannerisms etc. And at the back end of her psychic reading tent she continues her old job of giving hand jobs to some really desperate men.
Her business thrives at both ends. She has one special gentleman who visits her often for her seedier services and as they share a passion for literature he begins to lend her books. Our protagonist also agrees to do some cleansing at a haunted Victorian house at the request of a young lady named Susan to rope in a few extra bucks. But very soon after starting work in Susan’s house she begins to feel something Is off and some very bizarre things begin to happen. Susan’s creepy stepson Miles enters the picture and doesn’t help ease the unsettling atmosphere surrounding the house and the people living in it.
The story bears resemblance to Gillian Flynn’s writing style of suspense and a manipulative female lead. The story is fast paced and with each page you ask “Who is the Grown up?”. I did not feel the horror in the story, but I was more fascinated by the characters in it. I felt this book would have been better as a full length story, at this length I just felt that this book didn’t live up to the standard I have become used to after reading Gone Girl and Dark Places. It was an enjoyable read but didn’t live up to Gillian Flynn’s potential but I’d still recommend it as an introduction to this authors style.