A review by lezreadalot
American Fairytale by Adriana Herrera


"He wants to want you, not need you."

Pretty cute! Fairytale-esque romance... except not, because Milo was super uncomfortable with and not receptive of a lot of the typical millionaire romantic gestures that often pop up on novels, and I was completely here for it. Someone who has a lot of money and is willing to use it on you (especially to help out in frustrating financial situations) seems great on paper, but I completely understood Milo's frustration with Tom's over the top behaviour. Being domineering in monetary ways is not hot, and doing over the top things without asking isn't either. Especially when Milo expressed time and time again that he wasn't comfortable with it. So I was glad to see that being the lesson that Tom had to learn, even though I don't think the way the book handled it in the end was... idk, complete? I still don't know what he learnt the error of his ways, and the epilogue kinda made it seem like he'd just worn Milo down a bit.

Still, this was really fun and hot. I loved the characters and their chemistry. The writing wasn't amazing, but it was good. Listened to the audiobook as read by Sean Crisden, and my thoughts on him remain the same: great, but oh man I don't like his voices for women and kids lol.