A review by isalaur
SWAT Ed.: Fox & Bull, by A.E. Via



I really, really enjoyed this story of two wounded men who need healing...and a wounded horse in the same boat, and how all they help each other to find what they need.

The relationship between Fox and Bull is a mature one and that’s nice to see. The relationship between Fox and Diablo is beautiful and a great metaphor.

God comes off as a total A-hole in this book so I hope people have read the earlier books to get a fuller picture of him. And once again I’m totally enamored with Free. The crisis scene at the end had me holding my breath and once again a great segue was provided to the next book in the series.

But once again editing is an issue. And it’s a lack of editing that takes my head out of the book which is a cardinal sin. As an example, at one point in the book Fox graduated from Annapolis and at another from West Point. HUGE difference. At one point his father and grandfather were SWAT, in another his father was a general. At one point his father the general had to pull strings to get him into West Point, at another he was a brilliant, genius. How does no one catch these inconsistencies when they are editing the book? There are quite a few proofreading and formatting errors as well. Anything that takes me head out of a story automatically downgrades the rating.