A review by emjm
With You Forever by Chloe Liese


Because I've actually written out a review for most of the others in this series.... I feel somewhat generous giving this 4 stars. Not to say I didn't enjoy it (I clearly did), but I think I had my hopes set too high. If you read my review on the two books before this one, I specifically mention how much I can't wait for Axel's book.

I love Axel, and, as I suspected I would based on the snippets we've seen of him through the series, I really related to him in many ways (and not so much in other ways, but ya know). I was mainly disappointed with the ending of this book. It felt abrupt and left me wanting so much more. Without giving any spoilers, I feel as if some of the main plot points were left unaddressed by the family (which is part of the appeal of this series - the family's interactions mingled in with their individual lives), and the ending, at least to me, felt as if it were only reaching a climax of sorts, but definitely not a completely finished story.

Anyway, I still love the Bergman clan and these books, and I think Axel Bergman is my favorite, even if his book was ultimately pretty disappointing. Characters + the first 75% of the books = solid 4 stars for me. That's how I'll justify it.