A review by anzhela
Best Love, by Lily Morton

  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? N/A


am I really going to write a rant review to a 64-page-book? yes, yes I am
because it takes smth to bring a book from a tentative five star to a one in a couple of pages and I need to tell you about it
it started so well. friends-to-lovers. tbh, not my trope of choice, not even in top 5, but it seemed to be done kinda well, the mutual pining and all that. but there were already hints that while Noah is absolutely sure his feelings are unrequited, Sage is "waiting for Noah to catch up". I was heavily leaning towards "go fuck yourself, Sage" but it was sweet and low-key adorable so I was willing to let it slide. Noah clearly has a lot of self-worth and self-confidence problems. which is like, valid, but Sage wasn't helping (even though I think we were supposed to think that he was trying. you weren't trying, my man. you just weren't)
then the whole backstory-exposition... look, I understand that it's a 64-page romance story. I really do. but I think that while I do understand it, the author doesn't. because at parts it felt like a summary of a longer book and that's never a good sign.
the premise of "hey, we've been friends and pinning over each other for ages and then this dating app matched us on a valentine day" is cute. and each one of them organising a date was kind of sweet. but Sage just felt so manipulative. he is clearly written as the character who knows, and it takes all the sweetness out of the situation. when he tells Noah "you’re not quite ready" I wanted to punch him.
but what ruined this for me is the 5th chapter
“About time,” he says slowly. “I’ve been waiting for you to catch up.”
“You’ve always waited.” My voice is full of the wonder and dawning realisation that floods my body. 
“You’re worth it,” he whispers.

you know what? fuck you! if he's worth it, you should have been the one to make the first step years ago! this pissed me off so much. Noah should've let him go with that Richard guy and he would've gone because "oh, I love him so much but I guess he's not ready to love me properly yet. and it has nothing to do with the fact that I am an asshole. nope, not in the slightest. I'm just gonna go ahead and sleep with this Richard guy. poor me" (this isn't a quote, it's my frustration)
and so from that point on I lost all interest in the story -- I skimmed this last chapter and basically skipped the epilogue altogether. 

really liked some of the writing though so I will check out more from this author