A review by gargi
The Coldest Winter, by Antony Johnston, Steven Perkins


I received a copy this book from the publisher in exchange for a review!

I started reading this book with very high expectations. 'Spycraft' is the stuff of my dreams. However, the book had a sort of bumpy start and wasn't very engaging. The Coldest Winter was old-school spy tale set in Berlin of 1981-82. KGB officers at odds with MI6, with a bit of American interruption. The book picked up speed after the first few pages, and was quick read after that. The illustration style made it all quite confusing for me; the characters looked quite similar.

I was just shocked at how much gun violence they were engaging in, without attracting any attention. Cool stuff, though!

Many thanks to the publisher for making this copy available as an ARC. I'm planning to read the other one soon!