A review by oglopfabool
A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair


I was really excited for this and enjoyed it a lot in the beginning. However, that didn’t continue as I read more.

Few things:

Persephone is not written well. She’s immature and constantly and irrationally doubting everyone and their actions. I get it, this is part of Kore as she realizes the world isn’t bad, but it took so long for her to stop being toxic about it. She just kept hurting Hades and it bothered me alot.

The “we hate eachother and argue then have sex right after” theme was horrible. That’s extremely toxic. That’s not love, yet it’s pushed that it is.

They don’t get along. Hades loves her, and puts up with everything, but there’s so much arguing and him getting yelled at no matter what he does, and it’s just so uncomfortable to read.

Maybe I’m just biased because Hades is the God I actually worship, and I felt this version of Persephone was just a nasty little b*tch that wanted to keep acting like a brat, and she constantly got her way. That’s not Persephone at all. She would never be this toxic towards Hades.