A review by cr6zym0nkeyiz
Magic Bites, by Ilona Andrews


When I first started reading this it was sooo hard to get into. It took me til 100 pages into the book for me to really start liking magic bites. The world is hard to get used to but once you read it, it is really good. I mean once you understand it all, it will become one of your favorites. My kind of urban fantasy book. I loved Kate, she is badass and I just loved her attitude and personality. And OMG. Curran! I love this man! He is my favorite shifter of all this shifter books I have read! I loved their first confrontation….”here, kitty kitty.” hahaha. Hilarious. Some characters I didnt like at first but as soon as I read more I’ve come to adore them and love all of them, like Derek. I thought he was such a brat at first, but once you get to know Derek you will adore him, he has become my third favorite character. I love Derek now. I find him a cute kid. I loved how Kate put that spell on him and then now he was really protective of her. I thought like cool. I wanna her do that to Curran..hehehe.

This was a really short book and quick read and I hope the future books will be a bit longer. I cant wait to start the next one just for some more curran!