A review by readclever
Plum Pudding Murder, by Joanne Fluke


I wanted to like Hannah, I really did. But she's too much of a cut-out. This is the second book in the series I've read but I don't think I'll be reading the third. The murder mystery felt contrived, easy to identify the murderer, and the side plots were very thin.

I enjoy cozy mysteries. I find them very appealing in summer heat. And I love one surrounding food. But I feel like Fluke writes a cookbook with non cooking instructions instead of adding a bonus. Cleo Coyle's series has recipes but they're unobtrusive and not smack in the middle of an ending chapter. I hated that about this book. I would have to skip pages in order to continue a story I wasn't even interested in.

The love triangle is boring and useless, honestly. I don't care if Hannah ends up with Norman or Mike since it's clear she's not looking for a real match. She likes the fawning attention, occasional jealousy, and ability to eat out all the time on their dime.

No one in the series is particularly enjoyable since Hannah's cleverness is the key element in Lake Eden life. Got a killer after you? Run away from the people who can help and hope for the best! Need to find an answer, work around the cops--including the one you're dating. It's just too pat and bad writing.

Save yourself and avoid the book and series.