A review by janellerad
Aphrodite Made Me Do It, by Trista Mateer


This is a series of poems and thoughts, in which a female, troubled by her past and society's inability to accept her as she is, has a discussion with Aphrodite. Aphrodite talks about her past, and the ways in which we was perceived by others. This book helped me immensely with self reflection and healing from past traumas. The raw honesty of the author made it easy for me to feel connected to her, and I felt like I was talking to somebody who understood me and the way I felt about life. I will be rereading this book before returning my copy to my local library.

When I first began the book, I was worried that the content would trigger me too badly, and that perhaps it would not be the best for me to read. However, as I continued, the book served as more of an honest healing device. Perhaps I wasn't used to feeling like another individual was peering into the more difficult events of my life as deeply as Mateer appeared to be. In any case, the poems did wind up helping me on my journey towards softening my traumas and self-acceptance.