A review by cambech14
American Fairytale by Adriana Herrera


There wasn’t really a climax of the book - at least nothing truly shocking. I feel like I knew where the book was headed after the first page. The book started off way too intense and then kind of fizzled.

I think the author could’ve done something with the mom’s depression or with the ex husband.. they were mentioned enough to think that they were going to be plot lines, but then nothing?

Also, the argument about money was annoying. Like Camilo obviously needed the help and everyone was saying that Camilo will figure it out because he always has.. but that was BEFORE he got into a relationship and now he has another person to think about. So tbh I think Camilo was in the wrong for disregarding Toms attempt to help.

Then when Tom drove his mom to Florida and he wasn’t mad about that?? I think that’s what he should’ve been mad about because that was very personal and wouldn’t Camilo have wanted to be with his mom??