A review by emilyetier
Just Might Work, by Katia Rose


This book was so cute! I loved reading about Dane and Evangeline. Having them be so opposite and then so drawn together is one of my favorite tropes in books. Katia Rose does a WONDERFUL job of making her characters relatable in many different ways. The first thing in this book that I had related to was how Evangeline is reading at least 3 books at once.
Dane is such a wonderful person, and you can tell that they really care about photography. Evangeline is simply a cutie! I loved her personality and simply the fact that she has a pet axolotl. Evangeline has my whole heart.
Steamy and adorable, this book is definitely in my top romance books of the year. Let me end this review by some quotes I LOVED in the book.
"There's almost always a happy ending, and when There's not I can just pick up another book and find one."
"That's the thing about books: I've read so many I'm hardly ever surprised by a plot point, but I don't think surprise is anywhere near the greatest gift a book can give."

Thank you to Katia Rose and to StoryOrigin for an advanced copy of this ebook. All thoughts are my own.