A review by memull17
Until Leaves Fall in Paris, by Sarah Sundin


Until Leaves Fall in Paris is a heartfelt story of two American in occupied Paris and their stories of resistance, perseverance, hope and love. Lucie is a former ballerina who takes ownership of her friend’s bookshop and becomes a letter box location for the resistance. Paul is an American automaker who has been tasked with producing trucks for the Germans and becomes a collaborator to obtain valuable information. Paul and his young daughter cross paths with Lucie at her bookshop and Lucie instantly becomes leery of him because he is a collaborator but also because she senses something different about him. Both Lucie and Paul’s work with the resistance is dangerous and can put their lives in more danger if they continue to be drawn to each other.

Lucie, Paul and Josie’s story is one of hope in a time of great struggle. They each had to dig deep within themselves to find the strength they needed to do what needed to be done. Lucie was selfless and brave in so many occasions especially with young Josie. Through Paul’s heartache he was able to heal and move forward to help those around him while being viewed as the enemy. Together, they formed a family built out of unselfish love, admiration and faith.

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