A review by justjonmayer
Flashpoint, by Geoff Johns


— • 3.5 • —

Flashpoint has been one of my favourite superhero storylines for a while, mostly because I always like a bit of ‘messing up the timelines’. I enjoyed the TV show and animated film so I was excited to see that I could grab the original comic for free on Kindle.

Unfortunately though it didn’t live up to the hype that I set for it mainly because it felt so short. Or rather it felt like there was too much crammed in to only a hundred or so pages. It should have been twice as long because this new world is awesomely dark and I just wish we could have explored it in more depth. A world without Superman; I wanna explore his story. The war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman; I want to see the history behind that and the destruction of all the cities. The journey of Thomas Wayne as Batman; I wanna see how he works, this darker version of Batman. All of these could have had a comic of their own.

As soon as the Flash arrives in this alternate timeline he spends most his time trying to convince Batman who he is and then goes straight to bolting himself with lightning to get his powers back. By this point we’re already halfway through the comic. And also how did he know that was gonna work a second time? Felt a bit like lazy writing in all honesty. Additionally, I get that he had to do it quickly because he was losing his memory of his original timeline but it would have been cool to see him live in this world a bit more. The same thing happened in the TV show, where I thought the whole season would be set in this new Flashpoint timeline but really it only lasted a couple episodes before going back to normal. It’s a shame.

It does still have some good moments and I really liked the artwork which is why I opted for 3.5 but overall it didn’t impress me as much as I hoped it would. I wanted it to add more detail and backstory to what I already knew but really it was too short to do so.