A review by seventannie
Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-Of-Age Story an Illustrated Memoir, by Stacey Chomiak


I received this as an ARC in audio format by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The book is an autobiography of the author, Stacey Chomiak, and goes into great detail about the highs and lows of discovering herself while coming to terms with her sexuality and what that meant in the light of her faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church.

I had to sit on this for the past few days, to really let this book set in. While my story is pretty different because I'd say my faith isn't as strong and as important as Stacey's own is to her, I myself have been raised catholic in a small town in the most catholic place there is: Italy, I also have been struggling with juggling the beliefs I have been taught and what I believe to be true regarding gay relationships, same-sex marriage, sex before marriage, abortions, and so on.

Stacey's story really resonated with me on so many levels, I really enjoyed reading about her growing up, her struggles, and her thoughts, I will be recommending this book to everyone who will listen and I will be buying the hardcover edition for sure (it has pictures!!).