A review by spacestationtrustfund
The Burning God, by R.F. Kuang


This was easily the worst book in the series. Not only did Kuang's writing not improve at all (and I read the three books in quick succession, so it's not like I'd forgot the distance), but the portrayal of Mao Zedong, sorry I mean "Rin," was so unbelievably boring that I dragged myself to the end of the book like a peasant farmer dragging himself back to his miserable hut after a grueling day of working for practically no profit during the Cultural Revolution. Can you rip off actual history? I mean, historical fiction is one thing, but the way Kuang handled the actual Second Sino-Japanese War and associated events, Rape of Nanjing included, was just grotesque. And the less said about the truly disgusting racism against Mongolian, Taiwanese, and Chinese people, the better. Anyway, it was bad. Do not recommend.

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The Burning God