A review by jonesy_city
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise, by Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Gene Luen Yang


The love I have of the series knows no bounds. It still has flaws though and I think the same flaws carried over to this comic.

The distinction between men and women for example. In my experience kids don't really care what gender someone is beyond seeing the differences in equipment. Which most of the time they think is wonderful. It was a shame that the creators felt that making certain someone was a he or she was needed. For the plot it didn't matter.

But what I really enjoyed was the art. It's gorgeous. Simple but bold in colours. And with the same kind of humour found in the television series.

One thing I noticed only because of the remarks made by the artists in my copy, they had trouble with certain expressions? And somehow I don't think if you read a lot of manga, you would have that trouble? Or did they avoid that kind of style?

Where I think this book shines is in it's handling of colonialism but also integration. About how cultures clash. And how that clash can be personal, generational or national. As a child of 2 cultures, which I do struggle with at times, it was somehow comforting to see that even though colonialism isn't a good, some good things can come from it. Even if it's 100 years later. But like in real life, not everyone looks at that on the same level.

I never forget that Avatar is intended for children. And they don't shy away from the hard things but it doesn't try to 'tell' children what's the best way. It shows that even though there is peace now, there will be conflict because that's human nature. But trying to find peace is also the human way.

I mean that's how I see it. It's why I scream at my friend's that their children should watch the series! And why I try to get the hardcover. I will want to reread this in the future or translate it for my nieces and nephews. The story is really worth it. BUT YOU HAVE TO SEE THE SERIES FIRST!

... Should I buy a dvd boxset?