A review by kaiserreads
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas


Officially my new fave classic. This is about Edmond Dantes who gets betrayed and wrongfully imprisoned for 14 years until he escapes prison, finds treasure, and uses his newfound money and power to commit revenge against those who betrayed him.

Reading this felt like being a little kid again staying up all night just to finish a book. This was PACKED with adventure - betrayal, secret treasure, bandits, corruption, murder, history, and so much more. This took me to different places and different timelines. Reading this just felt so magical and I would happily read it again! 

My absolute fav about this book is the climax. When his enemies started experiencing his taste of revenge, it was so satisfying and fast-paced. Loved every minute reading it. Dumas didn't waste a single page of paper!

It felt like such a deep dive into human emotions as well. It had Monte Cristo's kindness that morphed into hatred and vengefulness. Through the multiple characters, we start to see greed, jealousy, mercy, and forgiveness. 

Overall, this was such a perfect book. It had everything - the historical and cultural context, the adventurous plot, the magical vibe, the lyrical words, and the lessons we learn from each character.