A review by luna_peach
Highly Illogical Behavior, by John Corey Whaley


Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2018 = Read a mental illness book.

This book was amazing! Solomon has panic disorder and agoraphobia, but he is portrayed as someone much more than that, that he is a sweet kid with a nerdy side and great sense of humour and not just 'the one with a mental illness' and that's such a positive message in this book!

Lisa is an over-achiever and very much like the Hermione Granger or Rory Gilmore for Psychology. She befriends Solomon as a 'project' for her scholarship, and don't worry, that problematic theme is addressed so heavily!

Clark is Lisa's boyfriend, and develops a close friendship with Solomon after firstly being apprehensive about it. He has so much in common with Solomon and it was beautiful to see their friendship develop and Solomon appearing more comfortable around them.

Solomon's family are brilliant and funny and so so likeable! They clearly want the best for Solomon but are not too afraid to have a joke or a bit of banter. It was so easy to read and so much fun! In so few pages I was able to connect with the characters and loved watching them develop, and I wish I can just continue reading about them and their futures forever!