A review by justjohnson93
The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ, by Fleming Rutledge


A top 3-5 theological book I have ever read, easily. Mrs. Rutledge is one of my favorite authors, as some of her other written works and her regular tweeting habits (even as an 83 year old woman) have truly blessed, enriched, and deepened my Christian faith. This 600+ page study of the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross is the apex of a lifetime of pastoral ministry and scholarship, and it's nearly perfect in my assessment. I read this alongside another 20-something CoC minister friend, and we were both so grateful for Mrs. Rutledge's ministry of study that is a gift to all ages of Christians in every stream of the Church.

"All the manifold biblical images with their richness, complexity, and depth come together as one to say this: the righteousness of God is revealed in the cross of Christ. The 'precious blood' of the Son of God is the perfect sacrifice for sin; the ransom is paid to deliver the captives; the gates of hell are stormed; the Red Sea is crossed and the enemy drowned; God's judgment has been executed upon Sin; the disobedience of Adam is recapitulated in the obedience of Christ; a new creation is coming into being; those who put their trust in Christ are incorporated into his life; the kingdoms of the 'present evil age' are passing away and the promised kingdom of God is manifest not in triumphalist crusades, but in the cruciform witness of the Church."