A review by illusie
The Heart Principle, by Helen Hoang


This is not a romcom like the rest of the series, it's different. I don't think you can even call it a romance. Maybe the first part, but after that the book changes. I was told it would be different, yet it surprised me HOW different it was. I think this book should have been a standalone, since it doesn't fit with the series. There are very different themes in this book compared to the others. Also some sames ones, but this book is a whole different genre. It's a hard book to rate, since I have conflicting feeling about it. The romance part didn't really work for me, something felt missing. Anna showed character development, but her not being herself and not being able to say no was frustrating. Quan was a great, very sweet and patience. Just what Anna needed. Though I'd have liked it more if we got to know Quan better. He seems to disappear for a big part of te book. Yes he is still mentioned, but yet seemed to have a small role. Part of the book was emotional, and heartbreaking. The different parts of the book are so different that it is hard for me to see them as a whole.