A review by alexampersand
Because I don't know what you mean and what you don't by Josie Long

challenging dark emotional funny hopeful inspiring reflective


I absolutely ADORED this book. Slices of life serving up the perfect mixture of introspection, mundanity, confusion, frustration. I loved the little glimpses and vignettes into different worlds and different lives, but if anything the common theme seemed to be a huge underlying anxiety. My favourite was of course the final story - although possibly slightly biased after seeing Josie Long's latest stand-up show that basically includes most of the story.

If I did have one criticism it would be that I often struggled to differentiate the character voices from Josie's own voice, but given that I love her that really wasn't too much of a struggle for me. 

I ended up having to ration myself out with the stories, to give each one a bit of breathing room and space to percolate in my head, because given the short story form it was easy for some of the ideas to just dissipate immediately after reading. But once I got to the end, I found myself wanting to immediately dive back in again. I really hope this isn't the end of Josie Long's writing career and that there's more where this came from!