A review by tinnitus
Doc: A Memoir by Dwight Gooden, Ellis Henican


Doc, don't go into that room! Avoid those ladies. Okay you've been busted and are clean now, great.
Wait, don't go into that strip club! Aghh!!!

After a stunning introduction that hits like a cold shower, Dwight Gooden provides an unabashed glimpse at his rise to fame and crash to rock bottom. It's a long and winding road of addiction, lies, avoidance, and what could have been. But Doc doesn't feel sorry for himself, he lays it out and explains what happened and why. He seems to be in a happy place, and though I'm not a Mets or Yankees fan, I find myself rooting for him and wishing I had appreciated his greatness when he was in the bigs.

I love reading baseball biographies and this was not easy to read/hear. If you enjoy bio's and can handle an often cringe-worthy read about someone in the throes addiction, it's a solid 3.5 star read. Stay strong Doc!