A review by monicabeewrites
Bloody Spade, by Brittany M. Willows


Enter a world where magic has recently reappeared: dark, light, and transformative. Follow the most delightful, sassy, teenage boy as he struggles to control his powers and find his place in a world that’s never been easy on him. Meet the members of Cardplay, a specialized police force of magic-users who protect a world that isn’t quite sure it accepts magic. These include the Janes: fiery Alexander – Cardplay’s star – and his teen sister Ellen, whose heart is big enough to swallow the world and her powers just might help save it. With queer rep (including ace, trans, and aro), strong friendships, siblings, found family, and a heart-melting budding romance between two beloved characters, this story hit a lot of notes for me. I loved both main characters as well as the underlain themes of hope, healing, and striving for a better world.

A four-chapter teaser is posted on Wattpad (link in the author's own review) – go read it now and I dare you not to fall in love with this story!