A review by zaraelisabeth
Love Letters, by Katie Fforde


I have only read one Katie Fforde book which I really liked and I had high hopes for this one too, unfortunatley it didn't live up to expectations.
I am someone who loves most books I can get my hands on and it is VERY weird for me to ever give a book such a low rating but I found much about this book unlikable. The heroine Laura annoyed me from the start and kept making stupid choices while drunk after starting out with a paragraph about how she wasn't going to drink too much! Also why does she feel the need to complain about how boring she is and not do anything about it? All of her naive blunders made me want to hit her (and I am not a violent person!) as I am much younger than her and would never make such silly choices. I also found our 'hero', while wittier than Laura, annoyimg too. Where, on what planet, is 'I will if you sleep with me' acceptable!!?? And Lauras infatuation with him after a few lines from his book and a dark, brooding look is ridiculous!
I don't want to be so negative and if you want a book with silly, immature characters then read this book, if you want a book with mature characters don't read this.