A review by booksknownoage
Reign, by Siobhan Davis


An Epic Finally for the series

Its so crazy how sad I am that Reign is the last in The Sainthood books, I feel like we have missed out so much, but all good things must come to an end right!!

Siobhan writes books with this driven passion to keep emotion within the pages flowing and it really shines in Reign, the character development and bonds really jump out and grip you, they send you spiralling as she throws you back and forth wondering what wall you will bounce off next and then she softens it with all that love and lust.

Reign holds some powerful characters for me, all who have had to grow up super quick and although Lo stands tall and proud with the vest version of herself, in Reign it is the boys who stand put the strongest for me! All the boys really dig deep within themselves and become so much better then any of the previous book's, they really haven't had it easy and they have had to go against the only things they have ever known, they have learnt to love beyond each other softening there heart's to what is there norm. Theo and Caz also kept me smiling at how they grew and how it fit so well within the dynamics of theee relationship and this is all thanks to L9, the true saintly queen