A review by helllucifer
Something Fabulous by Alexis Hall


Well. This book was a ride.
I liked it!! Quite a lot!! It was very amusing, and extremely enjoyable and Bonny deserves everything in the world.

The only problem I have is Arabella. At a certain point, she crossed from a character I was enjoying reading about to very very irritating. Eye-twitchingly irritating. She did sort of redeem herself in the end, but god some pages were hard to get through because of her. Peggy deserves better.

Valentine, with all his idiocy and refusal to understand what is front of him was a very enjoyable character. There were moments where I wanted to shake him by his collar, but I love him a lot. Peggy, is wonderful. I adore her.

So, all in all. Good book, will reread certain chapters quite definitely, the love confessions were excellent, Bonny Supremacy.