A review by gentlyreads
A Strange and Brilliant Light by Eli Lee


A Strange and Brilliant Light follows the story of three wildly different women and the way their lives are affected by the rise of artificial intelligence within society. It presents lots of moral questions about governments, class inequality and the state of society.

I got Black Mirror-y vibes from this one, although it was a little heavier on the theoretical side so can be a bit difficult to sink your teeth into at first. It's worth sticking around for though, and brings up some interesting moral questions throughout which really get you thinking about the way our real society is heading!

The characterisation is something I wasn't a massive fan of - Lal is immediately unlikeable and seems to be completely void of human nature. Whilst I was really happy to see some LGBT+ rep with Janetta, she seems quite spineless, and Rose doesn't feel that interesting either. I would've much preferred this book if I had felt more invested in the characters, but unfortunately they are the let down in this case.

Overall, this is an interesting work of fiction focusing on the social narrative of AI and would be great for strongly political/theoretical sci-fi fans.

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