A review by gayatriii
The Nothing Man: The No. 1 Irish Times bestseller. A brilliantly twisty blend of true crime and psychological thriller by Catherine Ryan Howard


Very interesting format/idea for a thriller. Crime novels more often than not follow the established format of - body found-detectives called-red herrings-killer found. The best we can hope for is surprises within that format.
But Katherine throws that away and builds a really creative storytelling device and for that alone she deserves much credit.
Eve lost her entire family to a violent crime when she was only 12 yrs old, the perpetrator was never caught, and now as an adult, Eve has written a book detailing the entire experience in the hopes of reviving interest in the case and solving it once and for all.
Unbeknownst to her, the book is also picked up by the serial killer. So we read Eve's book, and then hear from him on his version of what happened and his reactions.
It's a compelling read. Frightening for any woman who's worst fear is an intruder in the night. There were times some of the crimes in the book coincided with nighttime reading and I had to check if my doors were locked.

But, I wasn't chuffed about the ending. Felt very melodramatic. It was a very movie-like ending to what until then felt like a grounded, believable and realistic story.