A review by burniereads
Archenemies, by Marissa Meyer


I loathe how much distress this book makes me feel. I read this right after reading Renegades and I am slightly mad that I don't already have Supernova in my hands so I can continue.

This series has just reminded me of how much I love Marissa Meyer's work. The character's stories are so intricately woven and the relationships feel real and human. Adrian has quickly become my new book boyfriend and no one can stop me. I love him... so much?

The way that it's written so that both characters are able to have massively different opinions and to have the reader agreeing with both points is awesome. You never really know which side is right and which is wrong and it adds a layer of depth to the world and characters that I don't see too often in young adult fiction.

All in all, I need the next book ASAP.