A review by jazzyjan94
Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman


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Lately I’ve been on an Amish kick when it comes to reading, it’s been several years since I read my last Amish fiction book, and honestly, I don’t know why I stopped reading them. But now that I’ve been reintroduced to them I can’t get enough of them. Beth Wiseman is a new author to me, I’m pretty sure I haven’t read any of her books before, and I think I’ve found a new favorite author.

Plain Perfect tells the story of Lillian Miller who is a 27 year-old woman who goes to live with her Amish grandparents in Lancaster County. Lillian’s mother had left her Amish roots behind before Lillian was born, but her life has been a complicated ever since, as has Lillian’s. Lillian is tired of a complicated life and wants to experience peace for the first time, therefore she decides to spend several months trying to practice the Amish lifestyle despite not having an understanding of it. Another complication arises when she meets an Amish widower, Samuel Stoltzfus, and his son David, and the possibility of an unlikely romance that blossoms between them.

I really enjoyed this novel, I felt like Beth Wiseman does a good job of introducing readers to a character who is desperately seeking for peace, a change of pace and even trying to figure out more about having a relationship with God. I didn’t find the book preachy, but rather through Lillian’s journey to find answers, the readers are introduced to where true peace comes from and just how important forgiveness is. We are also introduced to some colorful characters, especially that of Lillian’s grandpa Jonas, who although he is Old Order Amish doesn’t see any issues with bucking against tradition. I also liked how his wife, Irma Rose contrasted with him, even though they deeply love each other, but yet she is also dispense some great nuggets of wisdom to her granddaughter.

Lillian’s love interest, Samuel, was also interesting because not only do we see him overcoming the grief he has had for his wife who died several years before the start of the novel, he also comes to terms with being able to love again, however he feels the need to fight against his attraction for Lillian, an outsider who doesn’t seem to be interested in joining the Old Order Amish community anytime soon. However, I’m sure most readers will know how things eventually end for this couple, but it is still worth reading. David was another great character, and seeing him grapple with some issues in his beliefs at such a tender age, but yet not losing his innocence was great and he really was a great character.

Overall, I think this was a great story, and I really enjoyed the romance between the two characters (Spoiler Alert), and also watching Lillian grow as a person, as well as Samuel even though he is set in his ways. There are a couple of twists that happen in the novel that I wasn’t expecting, but they only add to the charm of this story, as well as providing information on the Amish culture. I am looking forward to reading more of Beth Wiseman’s books in the future. 4/5 Stars.