A review by booksandbodylib
The Joy of Being Selfish: Why you need boundaries and how to set them, by Michelle Elman

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Honestly, my personal obsession with the author of this book may be biasing my opinion, but regardless, this book was a really solid and enjoyable read. Michelle Elman, or @scarrednotscared on Instagram, TikTok, and elsewhere on the interwebs, is just a true gem of a human and a joy to pretend to be friends with. She is also someone who I learn alot from on a daily basis through her Insta posts and stories, so when she announced a new book on boundaries I immediately preordered it, even thought it was only available at the time in the UK. Granted, the writing is not like scholar level, but poop on that arbritrary standard. I love having all of Michelle's wisdom on boundaries in one place, and this book also includes tons of practical advice and tips for applying boundaries in your own life. If you're a people pleaser or have trouble saying no, you will absolutely benefit from this book. 

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