A review by julieb118
Kinsey and Me: Stories by Sue Grafton


This one was hard for me. I am about as big of a Grafton fan as anyone else I've found and I generally devour any of her ABC books. I didn't at all love this one - in fact, it took me over a year to read it becaue I found it so easy NOT to come back to.
here's what I liked:
it was obviously intensely personal. Grafton uses it as a way to try to fill her readers in on her background and life story, but uses the character of Kit to do so. I admire her courage in doing this.
What I didn't like -
I did not like any of the short stories (the Kinsey section). I think what I learned, through reading this one, is that what I really like about her novels is the very rich plot and character development. This is absent in a short story. I'd feel like it was just develping and, viola, Kinsey woule solve the case, and I'd be left wondering how. Not fulfilling at all.
I also found the "me" section very difficult to read. Not difficult because of tough subject matter (though it is) but difficult because it was BORING. There is a chapter where she basically lists inventory of everything in her mother's closet. I couldn't come up with a reason for that. I'm guessing she was explaining her grief process - but still, it was in painful detail.
So, I'm not sure how I would advise anyone on this one. Liek any of her works, it is, of course, very well written. But, if you are a Grafton purist, you may want to borrow this before you buy it to see if it is for you.