A review by mandylovestoread
A Beautiful Corpse by Christi Daugherty


Wow, what a fantastic book. I only just read the Echo Killing which is the first book in this series earlier this week and I wish I had gotten into this series sooner. A Beautiful Corpse I felt was even better. I started this on Saturday night and couldn't wait to finish it this morning. And now that I have finished it I am already desperate for book 3! The way this book ended left it wide open with questions... questions that I am dying to learn the answers to.

It is a year since the events of The Echo Killing and Harper McClain is back doing what she does best at the newspaper. As the crime writer she is kept busy in this Savannah town, but after her actions she is on the outer with the local police. One night she is drinking and playing pool with her best friend Bonnie when a call comes in of a shooting in the tourist district. The 2 head over to the crime scene but soon realise that the victim is Bonnies co-worker Naomi Scott. Naomi's boyfriend is immediately under suspicion and arrested. Harper gets into the investigation and learns that there is another suspect, who has strong connections in town. The harder she looks the more danger she is in.

I love the character of Harper. She had a rough start to life - that you learn all about in The Echo Killing. Events in that book also devastated her. Her love life is also a mess but she gets on everyday, without a lot of sleep. She is stubborn and refuses to back down, even when her life is being threatened. But she is loyal to those that she loves, she would do anything to protect them. I look forward to learning more about her as the series continues.

Thanks to Harper Collins UK and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book to read. All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.