A review by grace_with_books
Phoenix Flame, by Sara Holland


I am unhappy with how this series ended. At first, I really liked this book better than Havenfall, but I guess I must have jinxed it because it quickly took a turn for the bad. The plot was so generic and rushed, the characters were predictable and undeveloped, and the ending did not create a sense of peace that usually comes with the ending of a series. So many characters fates were left in the air!
Maybe I just don't mesh well with Holland's writing because I had the same problem with her other series Everless. I think this book could have been great and interesting but it seemed as everything remotely fascinating was rushed through or ignored.
And don't even get me started on the lack of romantic chemistry between the characters, it was like she put in a love triangle JUST TO PUT IN A LOVE TRIANGLE.
If I had to describe the book in one word, it would be: Unfinished.
Maybe it will go through more edits before its publication in March, and maybe I will read it again then to see if anything changed but honestly, the chances for that are slim.