A review by daylilylady5
Truthwitch, by Susan Dennard


A great way to start the year - everything good I'd heard about this book was true. Cool side fact - apparently Dennard and Sarah J Maas (one of my all time favourite authors) are best friends. That is very cool - imagine your best mate being your proof reader and vice versa.
Friendship is a strong theme in this book, and I love that the two female leads are equally strong, equally powerful and get shared focus. It's a different style from one traditional hero or a George R R Martin type of collecting multiple characters together to tell a story. Safi and Iseult are one story, twined together. They are supported by an intriguing array of characters and this book is clearly a set up part for a bigger longer saga, that being said, there were no huge cliffhanger endings, a satisfying enough resolution for the book was provided while still clearly leading on to another story and definitely leaving me wanting more. There could be multiple bad guys here... we don't yet know who to hate the most, but also the promise of conflicted heros who may eventually come good. There's also (slightly predictable but no less enjoyable) intense chemistry between two main characters, it's a sparks at first sight type thing. Ultimately I have to say not much happens in the book, since as I said it's clearly part of a longer story, and the events of the book are a set up for whatever is about to come, but I seriously enjoyed this book and found myself flying through it way faster than I expected (almost like a wind-witch was ushering me on - pardon the lame joke). While I'd say this is aimed at a YA fantasy niche, it's definitely not something that's exclusive to teens, since the characters are given a bit of maturity and the classic fantasy epic nature I think appeals to all ages. A solid four stars with potential for a five star series here... no excuse me while I go hunt down the next book.