A review by natashaniezgoda
My Kind of You by Tracy Brogan


4 stars! Adorable, sweet, and fun!

Emily is back home on Wenniway Island. She returns after 12 years, divorces and with a daughter. She's in need of work and her aunt has given her some home renovation projects.

Ryan, a developer, and his father are in town to renovate and construct some rental properties. By sheer happenstance, Ryan's father has fallen in love with a young (I mean very young) woman. He's convinced this young woman is out for his father's money, and Ryan needs to bring his father to his senses.

So he asks Emily for help, being that they met at the airport on the way to Wenniway Island. She agrees and what ensues is a very fun and quirky love story.

It's a perfect summer/beach/airplane/vacation read!