A review by noahwags
Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: The Essential Guide for Progressives by George Lakoff


I cannot underscore how important this book is for progressive understanding and success. We need to understand how we understand the world, how conservatives understand the world, and how folks who fall in between understand the world and then how they ACT on that understanding. We need to learn how our messaging can work for us or if we're lazy, against us.

Lakoff is brilliant. If you're interested he also has a podcast called "FrameLab".

Main takeaways:
- If you say "Don't think of a pink elephant," the first thing someone does is think of a pink elephant. In order to not think about something, you first have to think about it to know what to not think about.
- The private sector depends on the public.
- Systemic causation IS a type of cause and effect (pollution does CAUSE global warming).
- Conservatives understand the world through a strict-father morality. Progressives understand the world through Nurturing Parent morality. Bi-Conceptuals view the world with a little bit of both.
- People DO NOT act rationally if it doesn't fit with their understanding of the world.
- Facts aren't effective if they don't fit your worldview.
- The most effective way to bring people closer to progressive worldview is to highlight and strengthen their empathy.

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