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Get a Life, Chloe Brown, by Talia Hibbert

emotional funny hopeful inspiring lighthearted reflective medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


Sooo... I finished the book. And I kind of hit it a couple of times against my bed. I think is a good reaction,  don't ask me  why. Well, first of all,  this is the first book that I have annotated, so that was a lot of fun. Second  of all, Red is just my type. So when I read his description I died. It's easy to guess that I really liked him, and just wanted to take him out of the book,  because he was so cute and nice and aaahhhh. I also really enjoyed reading his perspective. Anyway, I also  really resonated with Chloe, because we basically have similar traumas hahaha. Even though we are really  different, I found her character really  likable. But kind of painful at times, because we have similar personalities, and seeing how I act around people from other perspective made me want to die. But yeah. In the other hand, I think that I overhyped this book to myself. I made someone bring this to me from a different country (Thanks aunty 😘) , which took  a long time, and made me be more excited  than normal. And  it's  my first book of the year so, I overhyped it. But I liked it  a lot . Now holding it in my hands it feels kinda weird that I finally read it. Like it has more story to tell, you know? But not in a bad way, more like we couldn accompany them in them in their relationship. Like they  have more things to show, and it's not just done when you finish the book. They felt  that real. I also really like
Spoiler the conflict they have at the end. Find it really  entertaining, dramatic, and well planned  for the story. I felt like "playing" with their trauma, was a interesting and really smart and well planned plot  move. I really  enjoyed it an suffered with it. Had me at the edgeof my seat , and made the ending past flying by.
And taking about her writing. Hibbert had really beautiful description in here. Made me feel like to show it ,to those people how say romance book are not an art. And also to want to read one of those literally books, that I don't  seem to enjoy that much, if it was from Hibbert. I'm  happy to support a writer like her.
Well, you know the book is good, when you're reading it an feel lonely  as heck.  So for that reason,  it didn't felt right to give  it less than 4 stars. I plan  on reading the rest of the series, and I hope it lives me more satisfied. I also have heard that the last one is the best one, but I will see that for myself.
Now it feels wrong to put it away on  my shelf. This book  feels kinda of alive,  for how many love I have poured  into it and has given back. 
Well, that's all!
I forgot to coment how I love the representation in the characters.
The need for disabled, poc, and plus size character as protagonists is real people. And I think, in my ignorant opinion, that it was done with a lot of respect.
Also loved, how Red is the representation for men how have survived abusive relationship, and are dealing with in healthy ways like therapy!
And lastly but not less important the QUEEN HERSELF GIGI WHO I LOVE FOREVER. The bisexuality (maybe??) Queen she is. Might say i even love her more than Red (I now remember, how much i cackled when I read the thingbabout his name and his hair. I didn't realizedit before they talk about it).

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