A review by kim03
With You Forever by Chloe Liese

emotional hopeful inspiring lighthearted
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes


 This book was such a delight. And in my eyes, it showed how talented a writer Chloe Liese is. 

There were so many things I loved, so let’s start with the characters: Rooney Sullivan, the sunshine in this sunshine & Grump romance, has a chronic illness which forces her to take time off of college / university (not sure right now) and spend some time away. He friend, Willa suggests the A-Frame, a vacation home of sorts belonging to the Bergman family which Rooney is an honorary member of. Axel Bergman, the grump half of the sunshine & grump romance, is currently renovating the A-frame, but he needs the money from an inheritance which requires him to be married. 

The following could contain spoilers. Be aware.
Next up I want to differentiate between what I liked about the book and what I disliked, minus the latter, because this book is simply flawless (my opinion). 

The most important thing for me was how… respectful and consensual this relationship felt like. I’ve read the first three books in this series to, and this is a recurring thing, namely that the characters are so different yet love each other because of that and respect each other. Moreover, it was so wonderful to see them respect each other from the start and then grow comfortable and vulnerable with each other. 

Chloe Liese´s writing style is like the cherry on top. She can write three dimensional characters that I always find relatable, that I always find a piece of myself in; she also just has a very special way of conveying emotions, both the happy, warm and fuzzy ones and the sad and hurting ones. And let’s not forget the entirely realistic portrait of sibling relationships, the self-explanatory diversity (example: Axel is autistic; the book is an #OwnVoices story), existence of boundaries and feminism, and destruction of toxic masculinity (and heteronormativity, in a way). 


Here are the content warnings I’ve found: chronic illness (inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis), some Ableism, absent parents and unhealed childhood trauma, mental illness, medical content 

The tropes: sunshine & grump; marriage of convenience 

The songs that were stuck in my head while reading: “People Watching” by Conan Grey //// "Till Forever Falls Apart" by Ashe and Finneas

And here are some of my favorite quotes: 

 “For the hearts that love differently, and the hearts that love them for it.” (Dedication)

 “She was hurting. And I didn’t want her to hurt anymore. I didn’t want her to hurt ever.” (Chapter 4) 

 “He's still wearing his ring. And the hand that wears it is splayed wide, like a fist he just unclenched and flexed.” (Chapter 9; this is only here because of the Pride and Prejudice vibes)

 “The deeper you love, the deeper the risk of disappointment, and hurt, and loss. The more you care, the more pain you might face. And yet, I hope you won’t always let that stop you. […] Fear of failure, fear of not living up to these standards you hold yourself to, which sound pretty damn high. Because… well, have you ever considered that the depth of feeling for the subject is the reason you´re the very best person to paint it?” (Chapter 9)

 “Like I said, I know not everybody wants romance, and that’s valid, I just don’t want you denying yourself if that desire is there.” (Chapter 13)

 “Just because you experience your emotions differently from other people, Axel, doesn’t mean that experience isn’t valid, or that someone can’t love you for it. With the right person, love is possible for any of us who want it.” (Chapter 13)

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